Tuesday, November 02, 2004

By His Enemies

The true character of a man is best revealed by the nature of his enemies. The powers aligned against this President include the old-line media (who fear for their future influence in an age coming to be dominated by the citizen journalist), the Michael Moore left (those knuckle-dragging imbeciles that trade in fantasy), the effete elite (billionaires who have so much that they will thrive under any tax system, including one that will crush those of us who aspire to better lives), and the host of screaming know-nothings. If, as I believe, the Universe/God/Whatever has a sense of humor, the President will win this election. What, after all, could be more poetic than a result that forces the merchants of hate to stew in their own juices for the next four years?

This is Liberalism's Battle of the Bulge -- its last great press for relevance. If the Left loses this election, it will join countless other failed philosophies in the dust-bin of forgotten lies. In the end, bile does not win elections, and they have offered nothing in the way of vision. Here's hoping that tonight we give the Left a rousing good-bye. Yet, as I keep saying, if the Left does squeek through, I will not follow.