Friday, October 29, 2004

Operation Cuthbert!

I have a good friend (who I am happy also to call a reader) who lives in South-Central Pennsylvania -- we'll call him Cuthbert. Unless some unforeseen circumstance intervenes to change his mind, Cuthbert is almost certainly going to pull the lever for John Kerry next week, even though he thinks very little of the candidate. Folks, Cuthbert is one of those heretofore hypothetical beings known as a "Moveable Voter." And, as I was born and raised in Pennsylvania myself, I know that he is not the only such being in the state.

Right now, Pennsylvania is so close that Cuthbert's vote, standing alone, could conceivably make the difference. The President needs Cuthbert's vote and, in order to get it, the unforeseen must transpire. What better place, I thought to myself, to summon the spirit of the unforeseen than the blogosphere. So, I say to this community, let's each take our very best shot at persuading Cuthbert to VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT (as opposed to vote against Kerry) on Tuesday, and, in doing so, even if we don't get Cuthbert, we may just manage to get enough of the other Moveable Voters to make the difference in Pennsylvania. Although the task will not be easy, I can guarantee that Cuthbert is open to persuasion, or, as Cuthbert himself put it, "not so blinded by ideology that [he's] unwilling to hear arguments to the contrary."

With that, then, I give you Operation Cuthbert. Load up the comments or just link to your own site. Please spread the word!