Thursday, October 28, 2004

Cry Me a River

It looks like Arafat may be about to die. He probably shouldn't look to LGF for any sympathy. Although Roger Simon has Arafat on a formal Deathwatch, both he and Johnson suspect the arch-terrorist is already dead. I tend to doubt that -- news such as that probably could not be contained, at least not for long (although, I confess, one would be hard pressed to discern the odor of death amidst the foul stench that lingers about Arafat's Ramallah redoubt). I'll allow, though, that it's possible we may be looking at a "Weekend at Yassie's" to allow for succession planning, all of which will go awry the instant death is announced. In that moment, I expect the various Palestinian factions to embark upon a bloody internicine power struggle not unlike those we have witnessed among similar criminal enterprises. Meanwhile, Reuters weeps. We in the Chateau won't shed a tear, except by accident, and then only from sheer joy.

Bonus: Balloon Juice weighs in with this tug at the heartstrings.