Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Old Gray Lady Wets Herself

I, for one, cancelled my subscription to the so-called "Paper of Record" a few months back. I suspect others will now follow suit. It appears that the Times' anti-Bush-story-of-the-day is not merely a dead letter, but spun from whole cloth; the Times remains in full Jayson Blair mode. Regarding the explosives cache that Bush supposedly failed to protect, an NBC imbed visited the site with the U.S. military on April 10, 2003 and, surprise, the stockpiles were already gone. Simply put, there was no failure to secure the cache -- the site was visited and there was no RDX or HMX -- NONE -- to secure. Even if this was a real issue, recall that the military has secured and/or destroyed well over 100,000 tons (make that 400,000) of material leaving the 380 tons a drop in the proverbial bucket. But of course it is not a real issue. It is a phony, unresearched, slapdash, piss-poor, and just plain false, hit job. A quick call to 1-800-NYTIMES can assure that you too are not dampened by the incontinent Old Gray Lady.

Now, I suspect, the next thing we will learn is how this story was the work of evil genius Karl Rove, just as were the Rather-gate documents, the AFL-CIO rampages, Operation Clark County, and the many other fiascos that reveal the true face of the knuckle-dragging Left.

Better and more links as they come online.

Bonus: Polipundit on the case.

And Another: If anyone was tempted to trust the NYTimes over NBC's imbed, there can no longer be any doubt that the munitions story is false -- Drudge is reporting that CBSNews was gearing up to run an election eve 60 Minutes piece on the issue. Hmm. Speaking of patterns . . .

Yet Another: Team Kedwards continues to shill this story (watch the whole thing!). Talk about pathetic. I find it comical that Kedwards is running on the daily headlines while suggesting that this is the most important election of our lifetime. I don't doubt the importance of this election, but how can it be that today's headlines constitute the most salient issues? They don't. It's just that Kedwards is so wrong on the issues of real importance that distraction is all they have left. As usual, Gehraghty's Kerry Spot provides a compelling round-up of the real facts, including this pitch-perfect response to what Polipundit has christened nytrogate:

Kerry is playing Monday Morning Quarterback with the 101st Airborne’s performance in Iraq. In 1971, John Kerry smeared our troops as rapists and butchers then... He’s smearing them as incompetent now. This Nov. 2, show John Kerry what you think of his attacks on our troops.