Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Always Recruiting

Here's hoping John Cole over at Balloon Juice has it in him when he says:
You know, even if Kerry wins, if I dedicate the same amount of willful ignorance and venom to ruining Kerry's Presidency as the Democrats have done to Bush since day one, they are going to wish they had never won.

While we could probably do without the willful ignorance, every last bit of venom would help. The remark is made in the context of nytrogate and appears in a post containing a stunning visual aid to understanding the petty nature of the nytrogate issue. Now that we know that the IAEA's poor excuse for Inspector Clouseau, Muhammed al Baradei, is behind the story, it's just one more reason to elect Bush. al Baradei 's a buffoon who deserves to lose his job and Bush would see to it. There's much more to say about al Baradei, but let's leave it at saying Deuffler begged him to destroy this shit in 1995, but MaB refused. Had he done his job, the cache would have been cashed years ago.

Note: I am a big fan of the Pink Panther films and do not want to besmirch the name of Clouseau, but each time I see al Baradei, he looks like he should be saying, "Ah yes, zee old parallel baaas."