Wednesday, October 27, 2004

One for Victory

If only 'W' would have employed this one at the first debate . . . Heh. It's a dead-cert that no one would have been talking about the scowls. This gesture brought to you by Texans for Truth -- the good folks behind the 'fake but accurate' TANG docs that brought Black Rock to its knees. Over at Instapundit, guestblogger Megan McArdle asks whether this is the October Surprise. Would Kedwards stoop that low? I don't doubt it for a minute -- if they thought it would help.

Incidentally, Megan also uses Glenn's soapbox to spill some ink on a running battle with HP tech support. Perhaps having had second thoughts, she gamely tries to make a few larger economic and information points. I'll give her an 8 (out of 10 possible) for the recovery. I'll give her a perfect 10, though, for getting the issue resolved. Nothing like the fear of bad press to get a corporation off the dime.