Monday, November 01, 2004

One More Day

Wow. What a weekend. And here we are, tomorrow's the big day. Get energized. Go see the Crush Kerry GOTV ad. Go read about Te-ray-za's son, Chris Heinz, calling the President a "cokehead" and baiting the jews. Go out and vote. Get your fellows to the polls.

With a day to go, forget about the undecideds. It doesn't matter. Some will vote Kerry, some will vote Bush, some will take a pass, but none will do anything on a non-arbitrary basis.

A few [very] random thoughts:

The analysts have concluded it really was bin Laden, and not an emaciated Michael Moore. Oh well, at least if Kerry wins he's promised to look for him. I wish we'd have thought of that! Maybe he should give his magic hat to the Delta guys -- that would help. In any event, there can be no doubt that bin Laden and his cronies would view a Kerry win as their biggest victory since 9.11. Are good people of this country really going to give him what he wants? I'll bet a week's pay that, if Kerry wins, we'll see another video in a few weeks commending the American People for opting for the path of peace with al Qaeda and reiterating his earlier comment that he will only consider himself to be at war with the Red States.

I reiterate my pleadge that, if Kerry wins, we shall not go quietly. As the video linked above points out, the Left has been anything but charitable during this administration. They claim Bush has divided the country, and point to their own mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, hate-spewing antics as evidence of Bush's failure. Well, if you win guys, you ain't seen nothing yet.My first suggestion -- no cabinet. You get Defense, State and Treasury and that's it. Next, no federal judges. Not a one.

It's time to put an age limit on voting. Once you hit 70, you're done. I'm tired of being unable to fix the social security mess because of "vested interest voters." Once they hit 70, they don't contribute to society in any meaningful way. Why should those who no longer contribute get a say in how the resources of the productive class are spent? There is a war coming at home, and it is generational in scope.

--well, we see how long I leave this post up. As you mght suspect, I'm angry this morning. Although a Bush victory will go a long way to assuaging that anger, it won't go nearly the whole way.