Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Daschle v. Thune

No, that's not merely a description of South Dakota's Senate race, it's the caption on the Democrats latest litigious assault. Daschle has sued Thune in a literal 11th hour effort to save his foundering reelection bid. Daschle whines that following South Dakota law and allowing Republican pol watchers will intimidate Native American voters. A hearing is scheduled tonight before a judge who has Daschle to thank for his seat on the bench. As one who knows his way around the corrupt by-ways of the American judiciary, I don't have high hopes. Then again, because this is in federal court, fairness may just sneak in -- it's the state benches that are the most fetid trenches.

This suit bespeaks a considerable amount of anxiety in the Daschle camp. C'mon South Dakota -- send this guy packing.

Bonus: Daschle loses. Speaking as a lawyer, all I can say is: What a freakin' joke. If I were working for Thune, first thing on Wednesday morning I'd move for serious Rule 11 sanctions, and ask for costs and fees. Don't miss one of the last updates, which concerns the overtly childish behaviour of the Daschle team during the post-hearing interviews. What a hoot. Go Thune!