Monday, November 01, 2004

Et Tu Rehnquist?

I fully agree with Eugene's assessment of the hubris and irresponsibility highlighted by Chief Justice Rehnquist's current medical situation. While one can feel a considerable degree of compassion for anyone suffering with the condition currently afflicting Rehnquist (thyroid cancer), one may, at the same time, feel like kicking the man squarely in the teeth.

Bonus: Story in today's WaPo quotes David Cooper, director of the Hopkins Thyroid Clinic, as saying that Rehnquist's course of treatment (radiation and chemo) "adds up to something very bleak . . . very, very bad news" for the Chief Justice. Although I'm not wild about seeing someone's medical prognosis be the subject of media speculation, this is very important. I'm very, very, very angry with Rehnquist right now for not retiring at the conclusion of the October 2003 term. What an anus. Thanks, Chief.