Saturday, October 08, 2005


DJ Drummond weighs in with another 5000 words on why those of us who are aghast at the opportunity squandered by the Miers nomination are damaging the party and the nation.
A surprising number of Conservatives are starting out with the assumption that Miers is not qualified. This betrays a serious misundertanding of the process, and a woeful tendency to jump ship when it’s not the style you want. Looking at the reaction, I generally see three groups - those who have worked with Miers approve of her selection [ed. -- this would be the David Frum group?], some of those who do not know her say they would have preferred someone else, and a growing number are saying they will wait until the hearings to see how they will respond.
* * *
But to the main point, while honest Republicans and Conservatives may disagree on the Miers selection, there needs to be a better standard of behavior, or else all you do is damage the party, and the nation.
DJ, who also complains about "whining" on the part of certain commentors, appears unable to seriously engage the arguments of Miers's detractors, opting instead for charicature and argument about the argument instead of argument about the issue. I stand by my predictions. Time will tell whether the Drummond theory (i.e., "Harriet Miers will be confirmed as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court [and] [a]ll the name-calling and spiteful feuding will do nothing to change that") proves correct.

Yes, Polipundit drips with irony these days . . .