Friday, September 16, 2005

An Elegant Circus

On Sunday, the Germans will go to the polls and decide whether to stick with the anti-American Gerhard Schroeder, or take a chance on Social Democrat Angie Merkel. Merkel has often been described as Germany's opportunity for a Margaret Thatcher. Today, the two are winding up their campaigns with stops that AFP describes thusly:
Merkel, aiming to become Germany's first woman chancellor, was to address supporters of her Christian Democrats in a giant circus tent in Berlin on Friday while Schroeder was to speak at a rally in an elegant square in the city centre.
Everyone got that? Merkel=Circus, Schroeder=Elegant. Although Merkel at one time held a commanding lead in the polls, Schroeder has managed, by means of old tricks, to close the gap considerably. Although Schroeder still trails, it has begun to appear as though Sunday could be a nail-biter. Of course, I'm pulling hard for Merkel -- Germans (and the world) need Angie.