Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Barbarous Memorial

What on Earth is going on in my home State? The notion of commemorating the heroes of Flight 93 with a memorial in the shape of an Islamic Crescent is utterly beyond the scope of my ability to comprehend. Check out Zombie for an animated gif of the monstrous memorial. I can only ask just who and what are being memorialized here?

There is a reason that the Pearl Harbor memorial does not call to mind the Rising Sun. There is a reason that the Oklaholma City memorial does not prefigure a Ryder Truck. There is a reason the Pont du Hoc memorial bears no resemblence to a swastika. There is a reason the Holocaust memorial cannot be mistaken for an oven. The same reason -- a goddam obvious reason -- obtains here.

What is wrong with these people? As usual, Michelle's post is chock full of linky goodness.