Saturday, October 08, 2005


I've been paying close attention to the Miers blogging during the course of the week and have a few observations.

First, the not-so-thinly-veiled accusations of sexism emnating from the White House and a few other conservative quarters is downright repugnant. This is the other side's game. I thought we despised the type of politics that seeks advantage through crys of bigotry. I guess I was wrong.

, the stuffy claims of elitism lobbed at those opposing this nomination are silly. Moreover, like the sexism charge, the elitist smear betrays a poverty of reason on the part of those seeking to defend this nomination. There is nothing at all elitist about the desire to take advantage of a signal moment in history with a nomination that recognizes and rewards the decades of hard work invested by well-established conservative judges. Nothing.

Third, arguing in favor of this nomination by reference to Miers's non-judicial pro-life activites (e.g., evangelical church attendance, donations, etc.) is to play the very game we detest, i.e., it is to suggest -- indeed, it is to profess -- that Miers's personal beliefs will influence her judicial decisions. The argument, which the administration appears to believe is its strongest, is beneath contempt.

I have not changed my mind on this nomination. It is an unmitigated disaster. I believe it will be defeated, either by the Senate, or, more likely, by the nominee realizing how desperately bad this kerfluffle is for the President to whom she is loyal. Lastly, for evidence of what this nomination is doing, check out the comments to this DJ Drummond thread over at Polipundit (like most of DJ's post, it is quite windy and more than a little condescending -- read the whole thing if you dare):
And what about Miers? I have read comments from supposed Conservatives denouncing her as “unqualified”, or some who grudgingly admit she is qualified, but claim there are “dozens, even hundreds” of better choices. Seriously, does anybody who makes such insulting and ill-considered comments expect them to be taken seriously? Does anyone who throws out such emotional tripe think this advances the discussion? What exactly are you expecting? Do you think you can call up the White House and force the President to pull his choice in favor of yours? That, people, is not going to happen. If Miers is shot down, Bush will send out another nomination, but it’s still going to be someone he chooses, and you should certainly know by now, Dubya is not a man who settles for being bullied. You choose not to trust him, that’s your loss. You chose to screw around with his work, that just hurts the country.
Apparently DJ is of the opinion that only his "insulting and ill-considered comments" are to be taken seriously . . .