Saturday, August 27, 2005

Vertigo, Anyone?

Although I've never been to the Grand Canyon (shameful for one who lived in the Denver-area for nearly eight years), this strikes me as a really cool idea (via Him):

The walkway, with a glass bottom and sides, will be supported by steel beams and will accommodate 120 people, though it is designed to hold 72 million pounds, said Sheri Yellowhawk, chief executive officer of the Grand Canyon Resort Corp., the tribal-owned company that is overseeing the project.

"You're basically looking 4,000 feet down. It's a whole new way to experience the Grand Canyon," Yellowhawk said.

Despite the monumental (no pun intended) over-engineering, one is still slighted tempted to ask that most Fark-ish of questions: What could possibly go wrong?
The project is still seeking an insurer, said architect David Jin[.]
Hmmm. Still cool, though. For other people, that is . . . I could barely walk across Royal Gorge without mine rising.