Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Patwa on Chavez

Yesterday, the 700 Club, lead by Pat Robertson, gave the world a fresh glimpse of its well-maintained foreign affairs chops, outlining a shift in policy toward Venezuela. Breaking with the current policy of Marginal Curiosity, the 700 Club issued a formal Patwa calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez. To the target of this newest Patwa, the 700 Club's record should be cause for grave concern. Active in the Southern Hemisphere since the early 50s, the 700 Club has issued Patwas responsible for coups in Chile and Bolivia, the capture of Manuel Noriega, and, most recently, the partial break-up of the Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf. Manifestly, the 700 Club means business.

Press coverage of the Chavez Patwa has been commensurate with the 700 Club's power and influence in international affairs. Almost immediately, the President of the United States was asked whether, from a layman's perspective, he believed the 700 Club's policy of assassination was warranted. Although the President distanced his administration from the new Patwa, he was quick to concede that there was little he could do.

We'll be keeping a close eye on things in Venezuela.