Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Speaking of the War

Over at Villianous Company, Cassandra lights into Clarence Page and doesn't let up until she has his . . . well, let's say Page winds up looking very small in the end and leave it at that. The post concludes:

How on earth does he think the America of today was created? By people who sat on their hands and never ventured anything? No - American history is full of bold risk-takers - full of pain and suffering and bad decisions and debacles and disasters and triumphs in equal measure. Full of Antietams where tens of thousands were slain in a single day - this is unimaginable to milquetoasts like Mr. Page - and yet, men rose up the next morning and pressed on. Full of routs like the disastrous Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg. These are part of our glorious and, at times, miserable, history. But there has been one constant that has made this nation what it is today: no matter what obstacles stood in our way, we have pressed on.

How is it that we have suffered not a single bloody day like Antietam in the War on Terror - on the contrary, we have had nothing but military success - and yet men like Clarence Page are constantly whining that we are on the brink of disaster? How far we have fallen.

If we are defeated, it will be by our own weakness, our strength sapped from within by the cancer of our own self-hatred. We will be beaten by men like Clarence Page who do not recognize greatness, and would tear it down if they were capable of recognizing it.

Cassandra's brilliant path to this conclusion is blazed in the blood of contemporary heroes. And along the way, she provides irrefutable evidence of the perfidy of our so-called elite media. This is good. Bill-Quick-good. Run and see.