Friday, August 19, 2005

"Mother Sheehan" Sighting

A few days back, LGF linked to a silly, though contemptible, piece of Kos-kid strategery. It has been roundly parodied in the blogosphere and even snickered at from behind the golden EIB microphone. But today, Martin Walker at UPI goes with the "Mother Sheehan" angle:
There are heads of state who attract fewer TV crews than Mother Sheehan has routinely faced over the past week. . . . A conscience-troubled Texan decided to let Mother Sheehan squat on his land, right next door to the Secret Service post outside the president's ranch. . . .
Walker uses the silly "Mother Sheehan" formulation five times in total. Admittedly, it's hard to tell whether Walker is writing tongue-in-cheek. However, among other things, his 25+ year tenure with the Guardian would suggest he is not. And that's just pathetic.