Thursday, August 11, 2005

The H-Bomb

Charles notes that, strangely, every single front page blog entry on the Huffington Post is about Cindy Sheehan (even Sheehan has a blog entry up). Sheehan, of course, is the Gold Star Mom who has made it her month's mission to badger the President. I feel very sorry for Ms. Sheehan. Not only has she lost a son, but she is being viciously used by the anit-war left. I suppose she has allowed it to happen, but it's still sad.

Sheehan isn't going to change any minds. She's just going to reinforce existing divisions over how we confront the threat posed by Islamism. Many, presumably Ms. Sheehan included, want to bring our troops home and instead shower funds on so called "first responders." You know, the guys who show up immediately after we get hit by the Islunatics. Many others, myself included, want to hunt the Islunatics down like pigs and kill them, while at the same time doing something -- anything -- to create some semblance of freedom, stability, and self-reliance in Islamic lands.

With regard to Iraq, we believe (no, really, we do) that a Middle East populated by free people would be a huge improvement over people governed by Dictators who like to draw attention away from their own miserable failings by blaming America. We believe that a free Iraq will be a terrific first step. Iraq is not an adventure, though many on the left like to call it that and, for all I know, may really believe it. That can only be because they either (1) don't believe it is possible for people they disagree with to nevertheless be acting in good faith, or (2) they are just plain dumb. Agree or not, Iraq is part of a broad and ambitious strategy to pull the Muslim world from the 14th century. If someone disagrees with that strategy, fine. Let's talk about why - not about oil, Daddy, WMD, My Pet Goat, containment, etc., ad nauseum.

In the end, Ms. Sheehan wants to see the President so she can denounce and demand an end to a war we simply are not fighting -- i.e., a war for oil, Daddy, WMD, etc., ad nauseum. And no matter how long Ms. Crawford sits in Crawford, the war that we are fighting will remain not only honorable, but also absolutely essential.