Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Remember Sandy Berger?

New information concerning the Clinton Adminstration's surprising familiarity with Atta and three other 9.11 hijackers might provide a clue as to the substance of documents Berger managed to spirit out of the National Archives and destroy. No question this information was hidden from the 9.11 Commission, which is now talking about re-opening their investigation. (Via LGF).

Looks like the beginning of a big story. Other reports at TimesOnline and Newsmax.

More: I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Despite Commission members' denials, it now appears that the 9.11 Commission knew all about Able Danger. The Commission paid it no attention because -- get this -- the information didn't jibe with conclusions the Comission was drawing. Got that? Draw conclusions first, then toss compelling evidence that doesn't fit. This is an outrage. So much for the 9.11 Report. Thank God for Weldon.

Dr. Sanity has an interesting timeline that flesh's out the Berger theory.