Wednesday, August 24, 2005

He's Back . . .

Michael Graham will be back on the air, err, on the wires, as of next Monday, August 29 (via AtlasBlogged). As Michael explains on his website:
Starting this Monday, I'll be on every weekday at noon for a one-hour edition of a new radio show, "Michael Graham, Unleashed!" No liberal network execs, no advertisers, not even the FCC. You'll be able to listen live, or the show will be available for podcasting or downloading every hour, on the hour. And that includes INSIDE The beltway, too.

I'm very excited about, not just because they're fellow conservatives, but because they're on the cutting edge of the future of radio as the technology moves from an AM receiver to digital, satellite, wifi and even CELLULAR radio technology. has asked me to do this show, not because they necessarily agree with everything I say, but because they understand that free speech and open discourse are key elements in successful talk radio, not to mention successful democracies and thriving societies, too.

"Michael Graham, Unleashed," is going to be a very exciting experiment for me and I can't wait to get started. And yes--you will be able to call in live during the show. You can find out more about listening, calliing and downloading by going to
Further, according to Drudge (no story-specific link yet) it appears that KFI-AM in Los Angeles may have also extended an offer to Graham (KFI does have stream access). Regardless of where Michael winds up on a permanent basis, I'm glad he's closing in on a microphone. It'll be good to hear him again.

It's 10:34 am and WE ARE (with) Michael Graham.