Thursday, November 17, 2005

Netowrk Television? What's That?

Frank J. at daily-stop IMAO nails one of the reasons I completely gave up on non-sports television -- and it's not tongue-in-cheek. These days, thanks to dvds, I watch only what I want to watch, and only when I want to watch it (though I confess to having made one exception this year for Lost after watching the 1st season dvd set this fall). For my money, there is nothing that the networks can do to bring me back as a regular viewer. It won't happen.

More: Looks like the Junk Yard Blog has a similar rule for Lost, which really is the best television drama of the last decade. DirectTV describes every show as Comedy, Drama, Sports, etc. For Lost, the description is: Action/Adventure/Drama/Mystery/Crime. And that is why it is so good. For the record, I consider neither Stargate SG-1 nor Xena to be television dramas . . . both of which are available on dvd.