Wednesday, November 16, 2005

French Riot Alert Level Increased

Surber has the story. Run and see. As a pedantic thing, wouldn't Surrender be a lower level alert than Collaborate? I mean, one can honorably surrender and still not actually help the enemy. Well, that is in places other than France.

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p.s. Please don't mistake the name of this blog for something Franco-philic. If you know your Dumas and/or history, it's not. We're not very big on the cheese-eaters over here.

More: Wow. Congratulations, Don, on your promotion to Humanity in the TTLB ecosystem. It may have happened a while ago and I missed it. If Don's blog isn't on your daily visit list, it should be. At #25 it seems he's on everyone elses. Congrats again from lowly rodent #5402 (and falling!).