Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Robe Is Off

Article III Groupie at Underneath Their Robes has been unmasked by Jeffrey Toobin as a young-ish AUSA in Newark. UTR, which I admit taking some guilty pleasure in, has gone dark as A3G wrestles the blog's future. Oh, it also turns out that A3G is a he, a factoid that likely gave more than a few lawyers the heebie-jeebies. At any rate, I hope the best for David Lat. I think his unmasking is going to be problematic -- his colleagues and, more significantly, his audience on the 3d Circuit, now know his alterior identity. Here's hoping it's not. The world damn well needs federal judicial hottie contests. And, by God, no righteous bench-slap should escape public notice.

More from the Conspiracy (here and here), Neddy's Palaver, the Jaded JD, and the blog of the Right Honorable Samuel Alito (who finally had to point out the patently obvious!).

More: One more link on A3G. My suspicion was confirmed that my former big firm colleague and friend, Dan Solove, has written about almost nothing but A3G today at Concurring Opinions. To be fair, as I'm usually not where Dan is involved, he's only posted twice today. Dan also has some recent and interesting comments on the Wayback Machine and related issues. If Dan visits, I hope he doesn't A3G me . . . not that it's likely, considering how many Deadhead big firm lawyers he must have been privileged to work with over the years.

Even more: Thanks, Howard, for the link. Also, as Unusued and Probably Unusable points out, the word "alterior" bears but the shakiest of relationships with English . . .

Yet more: I notice that How Appealing has sent quite a few folks from DOJ this way, so, against my better judgment, I'll link an older post they might appreciate. All in good fun, folks.