Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Indignity of It All

Our Humiliation of the Day for November 3 comes to you courtesy of the Helena Independent Record, Home Depot and one very poor soul:
A hardware retailer Home Depot has found itself in a sticky situation, defending a lawsuit filed by a man who claims the chain's Louisville store ignored his cries for help after he fell victim to a prank and was glued to a toilet seat.

Bob Dougherty, 57, of Nederland, said he became stuck to a bathroom toilet seat on which somebody had smeared glue on Oct. 30, 2003, and felt "tremendous panic" when he realized he was stuck.

"They left me there, going through all that stress," Dougherty told The (Boulder) Daily Camera. "They just let me rot."

His lawsuit, filed Friday said Dougherty was recovering from heart bypass surgery at the time and thought he was having a heart attack. A store employee who heard him calling for help informed the head clerk via radio, but the head clerk "believed it to be a hoax," the lawsuit said.

For the crowning ignominy:

Paramedics unbolted the toilet seat, and while wheeling a "frightened and humiliated" Dougherty out of the store, he passed out.

Wheeling? I'm picturing a dolly here. I know it's not nice to make fun of others' misfortune but, (as my grandmother used to say), my lands, who just plops down on an uninspected/unprotected toilet seat at Home Depot? Perhaps it was an emergency . . .

Thus ends today's toilet humor. (via Farkistan)

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