Monday, October 31, 2005

Justice Alito

A very strong pick. As an added bonus, we learn from Harry Reid that Alito "is not one of the names that I've suggested to the president. In fact, I've done the opposite. I think it would create a lot of problems." (via K-Lo). Far from mortal terror over the Problems promised for this nomination, I am downright giddy with delight and anticipation. The reason we want this battle is simple: we have the better of the argument.

Jonah gets the last word for now:
In Washington, conservatives and liberals are quietly loading up on drinking water, D batteries and extra ammo, in preparation for the coming battle over judges. Ralph Neas himself has been seen by the campfire carving notches into the stock of his rifle, muttering, 'Pain don't hurt.' No one knows when the fight's coming, but everyone knows it is.