Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sailing with the Wind

Judging from the growing angst on the port side of the blogosphere, we're finally back on an even keel and heading in the right direction. From Tennessee Guerilla Women:
The Chicago Tribune reports that Bush has narrowed the list of potential Supreme Court nominees to two. Apparently, the White House cabal is so anxious for us to forget all about that inconvenient little indictment thingy, that they may actually announce Miers' replacement today.

I didn't think fundamentalists worked on Sundays, but what do I know?
The rumored two, of course, are Samuel Alito (3d Circuit) and Michael Luttig (4th Circuit). It seems that money most likes Alito's prospects thus far today. Recall, though, the Clement fake.

As for Luttig, Psychopolitik spits:
No doubt that Luttig would be acceptable to [Bush's] crew. He’s an authority loving jackass always willing to ignore the Constitution when it suits the whims of Bushophiles, they’re gonna love him like monkeys love bananas
On Alito, DCDL, which, happily, is on Judicial Armegedon [sic] Watch, gives us:
Regarding this decision [Alito's Casey dissent] I’ll just say that Scalito’s desire to return society to the Dark Ages matches well with some of his colleagues pining for the days of the feudal system.
Now that's more like it . . .

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