Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hewitt's Final Slap

Today, Hugh states:

I think Ms. Miers has been unfairly treated by many who have for years urged fair treatment of judicial nominees.

She deserves great thanks for her significant service to the country. She and the president deserved much better from his allies.

Sorry, Hugh. Loyalty is a two-way street. The President has had our support through darkest hell and deepest water. On this issue of all issues, we deserved much better from the President. Period.

And I am dreading the inevitable 750,000 word screed that DJ Drummond is sure to post. Hinting at things to come, DJ notes only that "The Bastards Won." Yep. That's me. Bastard. Sad, really, that DJ has been reduced to mumbling a loser's patois.

I'm tired of being insulted by the likes of these guys. And they say we're the ones hurting conservatives.

More: Drummond has amended his earlier snarl, earning his place on a now-two-person list. Feh. And again, I say, feh.