Thursday, November 17, 2005

End of the World

Well, it sure feels like it given that I find myself agreeing with obnoxious blowhard Joseph Wilson:
Joseph Wilson, the husband of outed CIA operative Valerie Plame, called on Thursday for an inquiry by The Washington Post into the conduct of journalist Bob Woodward, who repeatedly criticized the leak investigation without disclosing his own involvement.

"It certainly gives the appearance of a conflict of interest. He was taking an advocacy position when he was a party to it," Wilson said.

* * *
Before publicly disclosing his involvement in the leak case on Wednesday, Woodward was a frequent critic of Fitzgerald's investigation in television and radio appearances. Woodward has described the case as laughable and Fitzgerald's behavior as "disgraceful" and has referred to him as "a junkyard dog."
I still have less than zero respect for Wilson, but even media-whoring idiots get things right once in a while. And what kind of man needs his wife to get him a job, anyway?

Other comment at Malkin, courtesy of Bryan Preston, whose criticism that Wilson is somehow being hypocritical here due to his involvement in the story I don't find at all persuasive. After all, we all knew where Wilson fit into this. It's not Woodward's advocacy that's the issue, but, as is so often the case, his nondisclosure. Bryan says a bit more at his home base Junk Yard Blog. Although he makes other good points, I don't find anything that butresses the throw-away hypocrisy argument. Wilson can be knocked on many counts, just not this one. More at the Dusty Attic.