Monday, July 18, 2005

Now that's Governance!

The federal jury hearing parts of the Cheetah scandal in San Diego today returned convictions for two city councilmen. I have searched past news stories and city webpages, but have yet to definitively establish the party affiliation of either interim Mayor Michale Zucchet or Councilman Ralph Inzunza. The lack of evidence on this point can only be treated as conclusive evidence that they run with a (D) after their name. Their records (err, voting, that is, not criminal) provide confirmation.

Funny, but Zucchet is, for the moment, serving as interim Mayor because the previous Mayor, Dick Murphy, stepped down in view of another federal probe into handling of the city's pension fund. The article openly frets over the prospect that Murphy's grand "accomplishments" will be forgotten with the probe into how $1.4 billion went missing from the city's pension fund. Ya think?