Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8

Another pretentious confabulation where millionaires (and billionaires) will relentlessly dun our governments to cancel Africa's mammoth (and squandered) debt and generously subsidize its fiscal debauchery via the IMF. Of course, the IMF to be funded by -- you guessed it -- tax increases on people like you and me. Lost in all the pomp is the simple, yet intentionally unasked, question: Why should anyone do anything to help Africa? It's not like Africa has fought to help itself. No, with Mugabe earning the international 'peace' community's praise for his unchecked racism (let us not forget Mugabe fancies himself, as he says, the African Hitler); with the ethnic slaughters in Rwanda, Sudan, etc.; with the limitless corruption of Nigeria; with an AIDS epidemic born of rampant stupidity; ad infinitum, why should anyone give a dime to further enrich and embolden the hopelessly sinister kleptocrats of the African continent? Good grief. Live 8 -- you've got to be kidding me.