Saturday, June 18, 2005

Apologies and Other Nonsense

When are we going to stop playing their game? Why are right-thinking people calling on Dick Durbin (D-Guantanamo) to "apologize" to the servicemen and women he has "offended"? Our military is not offended by what Durbin or any other enemy-sympathizer said or says and they most certainly are not victims to be placated with half-hearted faux-apologies.

The Apology Fetish is pure nonsense. One cannot paper over rank treachery with a compelled apology, then walk away as though nothing happened. The Apology Fetsih is for the left and their Victim Philosophy. I don't want and won't accept an apology. Durbin's comments are just further proof that the American left does not love this country, it loves power. They are further evidence that the left is willing to shred this country root and branch to recapture the power they covet. It'll be a cold day in hell . . .