Wednesday, June 08, 2005


The gall. First they whine about and demand apologies for someone (i.e., an 'infidel') inadvertently touching a Koran without first donning gloves. Then, on the street corner, they stomp and shred an American flag (5 min. 16mb video file), objecting to America's ostensible lack of tolerance and fantasized genocidal crusade:

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Well, screw them and their craven demands for respect they have done absolutely nothing to earn . . . and much to surrender. Thoroughly unsurprising background on these rodents here.

Whatever Islam may have once been, it is today a menacing and spiritually-vapid ideology propounded by the husks of human beings. I'm so angry with a society that bends over backwards to accomodate (indeed, appease) thought and behavior that is so plainly irrational that I can barely formulate a response. Until we, as a society, decide to treat these Islunatics as we would treat a four-year-old who wants to play in the street, we cannot win the GWoT. Indeed, until we, as a society, call the GWoT by its rightful name -- a Global War on Militant Islam -- we will get nowhere. Sadly, I suppose that before the day we wise up arrives, it will take another day like:

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But when it finally does arrive . . .