Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Belly Laughs

Fresh from the deranged presses of the Democratic Underground, take a comical trip into the delusionary realms inhabited by the self-described -- and so very, very Orwellian -- "reality-based community":

Based on polling of voters before and during the [mid-term 2006] voting, according to political consultants for both major parties, the electorate clearly was expressing its revulsion at Bush Administration policies; voters said the key issues affecting their votes were their anger at the lies undergirding the Iraq War, now in its fourth year, the condoning of torture as American policy, and the current economic crisis.

These factors presumably led to the sweeping votes for Democratic (62%), and Green (8%), candidates around the country. Many of those voters, an estimated 20%, described themselves as "conservatives" who had supported Bush in 2004.

* * *

After the 2004 election, it was widely believed that Republican-corporate control of the mainstream media had guaranteed a permanent Republican "lock" on the federal government. Not so. Soon thereafter, the public finally began to wake up to the fact that it had been lied to by the media and, just as important, that it had been denied vital information about the misdeeds of the Congress and the Administration.

* * *

With the collapsing economy, the loss of media credibility, the continuing bad news from Iraq, and the re-emergence of investigative journalism, the public became more receptive to the idea that the 2000 and 2004 elections were fraudulent and thus that both Bush administrations were illegitimate.
When you catch your breath, ponder just how incredibly out of touch the core of the 'party of the people' has become. The Democratic party is, at bottom, a collection of very angry people who think they should be in charge because they are so very much smarter than you. They think that I, as a Bush voter, am an ignorant, bigoted, immoral, warmonger. They think the same of you. And, unfortunately, they are becoming more and more prone to violence as they realize their arguments lack persuasive force.