Friday, April 08, 2005

Almost There . . .

Yesterday, the basement team finished installing the Owens Corning system and the floor team laid the carpet for the theater and installed a 5x6 hardwood square in the den for my desk chair (it looks kind of like a dance floor right now, sitting all alone in the middle of a large uncarpeted room). Today, the floor team will lay the carpet in the den, the kids' playroom, and up the stairs. With that, the basement will be finished -- all for slightly under $50,000.

Tonight, one of the contractors who installed the Owens system is coming over to help me get the theater set-up -- we have to mount the screen and center channel bracket (the center channel itself is on backorder and will arrive mid-month) to the front wall, mount the projector to the ceiling, and mount 2 surround speakers to the side walls. Concerning the speakers, I received the set-up from Aperion yesterday. One of the Intimus speakers was badly damaged in shipping, the whole woofer assembly loose from the housing and rolling around in the cabinent. Aperion is overnighting a replacement. Their customer service is the bees knees -- they really want you to love their speakers and their company. So far, I do, but that kind of depends on whether the replacement arrives today.

Also received the Carada screen and AVR-2805 yesterday. With that, all the equipement is finally here and we're ready to go. By 11:00pm tonight, it should all be up and running. I can hardly wait.