Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Allah Akbar!

Before last year's election I suggested that the terrorist thugs were sinking into insignificance in terms of their ability to lash out at the U.S. Well, today I stand corrected. Drudge reports that the thugs have managed to kidnap an true icon of American might, and are attempting to use that brave soldier's life as ransom for Iraqi prisoners (i.e., other terrorist thugs).

Please keep this American Hero in your thoughts and prayers. But, if I know this guy, he'll battle his own way out. After all, when I was small, G.I. Joe always beat the badguys!

How insignificant do you have to be to kidnap a bloody ACTION FIGURE? It's almost pathetic in an "I-feel-embarassed-for-them" way. Almost, but not quite. What jackasses. At least his pop-off head will facilitate the inevitable decapitation.

All together now -- Allah Akbar. If this is the best these bastard sons of Mohammed can do, we're just about there.