Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Where to Now?

Nearly 10 days removed from the election and I can say that, at long last, I am beginning to settle down. 10 months of anxiety followed by 10 days of euphoria -- I hardly know what I will do with myself after it all subsides.

As for the blog, although politics will always play a prominent role, I think it will become increasingly dedicated to things that I just enjoy, including astrophysics/astronomy, good books and the Grateful Dead. As for the Dead, the combination of Blogspot and the Internet Archive yields infinite possibilities. The first Dead-related post will probably be a reflection of the many-natured beast that is Scarlet Begonias. Everything anyone needs to know about the band is contained in a good Scarlet (compare gd84-06-21d2t01 [.nfo] with gd83-04-13d2t01 [.nfo] -- select the proper track from the stream's playlist). We'll see how well my theory holds up. Unfortunately, my political views will almost certainly alienate most of those who would otherwise be interested, but we'll see. There's at least one other soul out there who sees things more or less like I do. Apparently John does too. Well, I guess I'm not alone after all.