Friday, November 05, 2004

Resent . . . Resist . . . Revenge

How sweet it is not to have to caption this page with those words. Three days removed from November 2, 2004 and I'm still not ready to write the "What Does It All Mean" piece -- I prefer to reflect for a bit longer. That hasn't stopped some, though. And I suspect that some may grow to regret their words. Jane Smiley, novelist and, from all appearance, bigot, is certainly among that group. Never again, Jane -- no more Moo, etc. for me. Eric Alterman is another example, but Eric will never grow so he may as well spew whatever he wants right now.

I do love how the left demands that Bush reach out to them: "we've lost and the only way to make things right is to act as if we won." Well, fat chance, unless and until you start behaving like grown-ups. Until then, I'll join (soon to be here) in saying:
A Message To Liberals and Supporters of John "Crushed" Kerry Just so you know, we are still laughing at you. We are still taking joy in your anger, misery, heartache and tears. We are still mocking you, both in your face and behind your back. We think it's great that the very left-wing, socialist ideals you hold sacred and dear have been overwhelmingly repudiated. And we still think you are all losers who don't get it, and judging from your vitriol and hate over the last few days, you never will. That is all.