Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Meadowlands Redux

Today, I thought I'd post about another Dead show -- I'd only done one and tonight is the anniversary of an especially good show in 1987. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had already written about this show. I must have 04.06.87 on the brain lately.

I want to add to the prior post a mention of Peggy-O, which really jumped out at me while re-listening to Set I on the way to the office this morning. Overall, the whole song is perfectly rendered, with Jerry clearing his pipes a bit during the final verse. If you have the disc, pop it in and celebrate the 18th anniversary. If not, follow the link in the prior post and give Set I a test drive in mp3. Other than Peggy-O, Franklin's and Jack Straw are the Set I highlights. The rest of the set is also quite good, with Rooster just edging out Deal for the best of the also rans. Set II is not quite as good, but the Terrapin coming out of Space was really just perfect at the time even if it doesn't hold up quite as well outside the hall.

Historically speaking, both set openers of this show are noteworthy: The Set I opener -- Dancin' in the Streets -- was the last Dancin' we'd get; the Set II opening combination -- Feel Like a Stranger, Cumberland Blues -- is the second of only two Stranger>Blues ever performed, the other opening Set II at the Berkeley Community Theatre back on 11.03.84 (the BCT iteration wins hands down).

Whenever I hear this show, I think of Joan from UMBC circa 1987. She could down a bottle of vodka like nobody's business. I wonder what she's up to now . . .