Thursday, April 07, 2005

Aperion Audio

As I've been mentioning on my other blog, I'm in the process of finishing out our new basement and installing a really dynamite front projection home theater. All my recent posts over there have dealt with this process. I wanted to mention the sound system over here. For purposes of getting the music to the speakers, I'm running a Denon DVD-2910 through a Denon AVR-2805 by way of a Monster THX Digital Coaxial Cable. The DVD-2910 is capable of handling CD, SACD and DVD-Audio (according to the fine folks at audioholics, the CD transport is so good that they've backed off their long-standing recommendation that one install a standalone CD transport even where the DVD is CD capable). I've tested, albeit minimally, the SACD and DVD-A through a low-end Panasonic HTiB system. It sounds pretty good, but I am confident it will truly sparkle through the Aperion Audio 5.1 system that, as I type, is currently in the back of a brown UPS truck wending its way through the by-ways of my new home town.

I have been trying to decide what should be the first CD pumped through these new speakers. Of course, there's the new Elvis DVD-A, which would allow the King himself to inaugurate the system. But, as great as Elvis was and is, I'm a deadhead at heart. Hence, it must be Jerry. I think I have settled on the Scarlet>Fire from 06.21.84 (tracks d2t01 and d2t02). Although, for whatever reason, this Scarlet>Fire never makes Deadbases' periodic list of favorite versions, it has been my favorite, by a long way, from the day I first heard it. It's got everything I look for in a Scarlet>Fire: a long bouncy intro, a smokin' guitar, some interesting vocal flubs, a well thought out transition, and a Fire that really shows off the band's inimitable ability to know exactly where their going before they get there. Having roughly 2000 shows on disc, and having everything played between 1980 and 1990, I have heard all but a handful of the Scarlet>Fires, and nothing tops this version. So, then, this will be the inaugural disc. I'll let you know how the speakers sound afterwards -- for what it's worth, they are supposed to be just amazing.