Friday, July 22, 2005

And She's a Chubby Bitch

Today's WaPo contains a disgraceful Robin Givhan column in the Style section wherein Givhan attacks John Roberts's wife and kids for the sin -- get this -- of wanting to look nice on the biggest day of Mr. Roberts's life.
There they were -- John, Jane, Josie and Jack -- standing with the president and before the entire country. The nominee was in a sober suit with the expected white shirt and red tie. His wife and children stood before the cameras, groomed and glossy in pastel hues -- like a trio of Easter eggs, a handful of Jelly Bellies, three little Necco wafers.
Well, Ms. Givhan, judging by the atrocity you poured yourself into for this photo, one might be tempted to forgive your criticism of Mrs. Roberts. After all, it's hard to take too seriously a fashion columnists that runs around with her slip dangling beneath a dress that appears a size too small around the paunch.

See Michelle's piece, too. Michelle links to this skanky photo of Alexandria Kerry flaunting her tiny tits . . . if one could be said to "flaunt" something so, well, let's just say that Alexandra's tits weren't made for flaunting. One wonders if Givhan would have preferred Mrs. Roberts to dress herself and her children like pole dancers. It was certainly good enough for Alexandra.

I wonder if she whinnies in bed.