Tuesday, July 19, 2005

And Good Riddance

Today's feel-good story comes from the Tampa Tribune, amusingly headlined "Patriot Elects to Move to France." A side-slapping snippet:
REDINGTON BEACH - Bobbi Bowman is chucking it all and moving to France today.

She's doing what celebrities such as film director Robert Altman and the late Kennedy-era press secretary Pierre Salinger vowed back in 2000 when they said they would move to the country that inspired "freedom fries" if voters put George W. Bush back in office.

* * *

Why are you leaving the United States?

After the election, I just felt very depressed. ... I was suddenly mad at the United States -- or the 51 percent of the United States that voted for Bush.

When did decide to go?

It was in the middle of November. I thought, "Maybe I need to do this," because I didn't want to watch the news and I didn't want to read the papers. ...

Before, I felt kind of responsible, because I always felt kind of like, if you're a citizen, you should try to do something. But I did really try hard to do something, and now I don't feel like there is anything meaningful I can do.

Did it encourage you that almost half the population voted against Bush?

No. It seemed to be that those Bush's views were such radical, strange views, that 10 percent, possibly, of the population would have been what I would think would be in this right-wing fundamental, crazy mode.

How long will you stay in France?

I could possibly come back in three years and see if I think there's something worthwhile to try.
Would that more who made the promise to leave the country upon Bush's reelection would have the determination to stand by their words. Bye-Bye, Bobbie. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Feel it? This great country is an even better place to be.