Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Sweetness & Light is asking questions the media will not answer. I confess that, at first, I thought the "stressed out over his arranged marriage" defense was insipid. Then I saw this:

Hmmm, I thought, of all the twisted Muslim excuses for mass murder, this one borders on the almost believable. But, even so, the question remains: why couldn't he have just put a shotgun in his mouth and spared the innocents? Or is the first thought of stressed Muslims to kill infidels in willy-nilly fashion? Based on the photo, I propose Omeed be extradited to Afghanistan where he may live out his days in wedded bliss. Yeah, yeah, I know, the 8th Amendment probably stands in the way . . .

Finally, the incident raises another root-cause question akin to that recently noted at Scrappleface: Why do they hate pedestrians?