Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Disco Boys Say Yes

Team Discovery is pissed. And, I think, rightly so. Although it was a legitimate racing accident, Schumacher should have been relegated. It wouldn't have affected his place on GC or his win in the Young Rider classification. The failure to relegate, however, undoubtedly altered the outcome. Is this another instance of the UCI wanting to put American cycling in what the UCI believes is its place? Perhaps. According to Disco director Dirk Demol, the UCI officials "said Schumacher didn't do it on purpose and there was nothing they could do . . . It was like they were happy with the decision." In the photo (credit AFP), Big George seems less than interested in Schumi's explanation.

To Stefan's credit, though, he didn't celebrate on the podium. Here's a tip, Stefan. Next time you drop a Tour leader, wait for him. We've seen top pros do that in circumstances where the stakes were immensely greater. In fact, we saw it in the same race where the famous image to the left was captured.

Perhaps this will put the bit in Disco's teeth and get Tom Danielson a high GC place (a win?) in Spain.