Saturday, August 12, 2006

Olmert Must Go

So, if I've got this right, a non-state terrorist organization invades Israel, kidnaps its soldiers, indiscriminantly rains death down upon its civilians and is rewarded with recognition as the functional equal of a sovereign UN member state. WTF? It's hard to spin this as anything but an across-the-board win for Hezbolla and its Iranian patrons. Then again, it is the Middle East, so why should we expect anything from the UN other than an unmitigated disaster. They say insanity is the repetition of previously failed behavior with the expectation of differing results. Apparently, it's also a pretty apt description of the UN approach to world crises. UNIFaIL? Give me a break.

I can only ask whether anyone doubts for a minute that American tanks would have rolled across the Rio Grande weeks ago if the same thing was happening along our Texas border? Israel has been thrown under the bus, again. And, sadly, its own Prime Minister appears happy to be so thrown. Olmert and his Chamberlainesque government must go. Now. And, then, Israel must get back to the serious business of defending herself against this existential threat. No other sovereign nation on God's green earth would tolerate this crap.

Allah (links be upon him) is all over this travesty.