Thursday, April 06, 2006


The night is April 3, 1989. April 2 had been one of the first of the strange days that would follow – not immediately – but follow nonetheless. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, indeed, Pennsylvania period had always brought something special out of the band. The fans were always too numerous for the venue, the weather pretty near always sucked, and the local constabulary always turned out. All in all, a bid mix. There was plenty of trouble the first night. My traveling partner wound up in the pokey (though for an unrelated offense – driving a death trap of a VW bug we bought for 50 dollars and in the Omni parking lot, which was necessitated by our having busted our steering wheel/column while trying to unlock it in the absence of keys well mislaid). Not to worry -- we had him bailed out in time for the first night at Ann Arbor two days later -- and they gave us back the death trap to boot.

Any way. April 3 was better and, true to form, we got a little something special: a Bertha that brought the house down when nobody could determine precisely where the song should end. If inclined, grab the two shows from iTunes (GD Download Series Volume 9), it won’t sound better anywhere else. Or, if you prefer, check the Brertha out here before you buy the shows. Plenty of other nuggets here as well. Good stuff.