Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Bigger the Lie . . .

Writing in Lebanon's Daily Star, someone named Bouthaina Shabaan explains:
Facts show that Europe is launching a new Holocaust against Muslims around the world. What is happening to Muslims in Europe today is almost identical with what the Jews suffered at the beginning of the century. Muslims in Western countries find themselves obliged to change their names and suppress their religious identity to avoid a racist witch-hunt against them.
Indeed, one can today hear lingering echos of the German Jewry openly calling for the extermination of all Aryans during the large public demonstrations that followed Germany's adoption of the Nuremburg laws in 1935 -- laws only marginally less offensive than the Danish Cartoons of Blasphemy. Yes, recent events eerily evoke the 50-year-old images of masked Jews poncing around Berlin with placards explicitly threatening to behead their countrymen. So bad are things on the Continent that one again sees the intellectual elite fleeing the Continent. The Arab Max Born, the Arab Einstein, the Arab Freud and Mann and Strauss, these and others have already fled. Yes, it's just like the 19030s.

Have these idiots no shame? Either that, or they have no history books. I suppose one is just as likely as the other.