Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Un-Godwin-able

German Chancellor Angie Merkel likens the threat posed by Iran to that presented by Hilter's rise to power:

Looking back to German history in the early 1930s when National Socialism (Nazism) was on the rise, there were many outside Germany who said 'It's only rhetoric -- don't get excited'," she told the assembled world defense policy makers.

There were times when people could have reacted differently and, in my view, Germany is obliged to do something at the early stages ... We want to, we must prevent Iran from developing its nuclear program.

Note that, unlike most others of the species, German politicians tend to offer Nazi analogies somewhat less than freely. If there's an exception to the traditional application of Godwin's law, this would likely be it. And, as everyone knows, a rule is often proven by reference to the exception.