Monday, January 23, 2006

Oh Canada

My family has a place on Charleston Lake in Ontario. My grandfather built it with his own hands (3 bedrooms, etc.) and I vacationed there every summer during my youth. I'm hoping I can take my kids to Canada this summer and not feel like I'm in friggin' Europe. C'mon Canada, you can do it.

Let's check the scoring: John Howard, Tony Blair and George Bush still there. Gerhard replaced by Angie Merkel and Paul Martin about to be run over by Stephen Harper. The world may have a chance. If it keeps up, the next thing you know, M. Chirac will be threatening to nuke Iran . . .

The Captain will be live-blogging the returns beginning at 6:00 Central. Do forgive him any triumphalism. After all, but for Ed and his diligence during the Gomery scandal, this might not be happening.