Thursday, January 05, 2006


Everybody has it about someone or something. Right now, mine is that this will be downright awful. Shockingly so. But what do I know? I love science fiction that is based on real (even if not yet realized) physics and I love the Grateful Dead. I've never, though, thought of two as particularly complimentary, a fine Space notwithstanding. I do like this line from the report:
"I believe the Grateful Dead would have inspired much less of an emotional loyalty in their fans without [Hunter's] lyrics," says Steve Silberman.
Really? Ya think? So it's come to this, has it? All that's left to talk about is the blindingly obvious . . .

(h/t Jon S.)

More: Phil's heading back on the road in February, with stops in New York, Providence and Philthadelphia. Some strange guesswork from the story:
Last year marked the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Grateful Dead, which had fans speculating that the legendary band--re-dubbed simply The Dead in the wake of the 1995 death of frontman Jerry Garcia--would mark the milestone by regrouping for a tour, but Lesh's busy touring schedule with his own band likely prevented this from happening, if in fact it was ever under serious consideration.
Serious consideration? I doubt it. They came real close to being a band again in 02 and 03, and it fizzled out. Fizzled, I think, because they were so damned determined to be something different from what they are. I'll continue to hold out hope that, someday, the Dead will be content to just be the Dead again for a little while. They'd probably be quite good at it. Sadly, time is running out.