Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A New Low?

The editors of the NY Times won't publish the Mohammad cartoons. Good grief, no, that would be needlessly provocative -- and potentially dangerous. So what images do they opt to run alongside a story about the cartoons? Well, spying another opportunity to rub Christianity's collective nose in shit, the editors run an old image of the Virgin Mary crafted from Elephant dung. Why? Because if one is bound and determined to offend a religious group, one is better off offending a group that is most unlikely to seperate one's head from one's neck.

The editors shrink from offending the barbarians of modernity as they go miles out of their way to offend Christians. It's hard, though, to be shocked by the utterly predictable. And, speaking of predictable, the editors' decision not to run the cartoons -- their refusal to provide information essential to understanding the story -- just demonstrates again that they are, to paraphrase Roman Moronie, a bunch of fargin' craven bastiches.